Either better , or worse than what you're thinking of.


The Writer

Before I made this blog, I had written all my sentiments about life.

My last semester had been stormed by activities, mostly extra-curricular. But I had never missed my favorite class, Internet Surfing 101, anywhere at my favorite time (Btw, I have my schedule in my hands. lol).  Every time the ghost of this empty blog haunted me, I would take a peek, review others’ posts, check if my blog got someone’s interest, and leave this as neat as before. Visited rarely until entirely forgotten. And now that I woke up from procrastinating for almost 4 months, my supposed-to-be-posts notes from my little brown binder remained as notes. I love to write because I have to express what my heart feels and what my mind speaks at that particular moment. But when that emotion eases, I would find writing those stuffs a waste of time, pieces of  past that would never come back.

Now maybe you’re asking, ‘what made you write in this blog again’?

My lady professor in Online Writing would surely require us to make a blog. To my surprise, she prefered WordPress to be our blogging site when she met our class this morning.

And I’m quite excited, yet nervous for what could my creativity do to my writing to pass this subject. I’m not used to under-pressure writing, but it would bring spice to my writing style.

And now, this blog wasn’t just made for a hopeless romantic lover, but also for hidden writer in me.